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Weekend Live Show

6/2 Chicago's Tina Turner 7pm

6/3 Logan Young Elvis Ramey 7pm

6/9 Beatle Guy Carl Anthony -Ringo tribute 7pm

6/10- Frank Sinatra Sammy Davis experience 7pm

6/11- Joe Zirconia -Neil Diamond Tribute 6pm

6/16 Rod Stewart Experience 7pm

6/17-Hugo Elvis 7pm

6/18- Barefoot Hawaii Hula show 6pm

6/23-Michael St Angel Windy City Elvis 7:30pm

6/24- Rick Elvis Cada 7pm

6/30- Sonja Hicks-Whitney Houston tribute

About Us


Since 1976, we have been providing excellent service and first-class cuisine to our surrounding customers. As an old-fashioned restaurant, we adhere to the principle of everything for the customer.

We features fine cantonese cuisine,full service bar and Live entertainment.

Our chefs with many years of cooking experience will bring you top food enjoyment. Friendly bar and excellent service make a great place to relax. Joyous, fun live entertainment held every week. Chef Shangri-la is the best place for your weekend!

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